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Hi! My name is Yasmin (pronounced yaz-meeeen) and I’m an artist, writer, UX designer, and dancer based in Austin, Texas. As you will see from exploring this site, my art is deeply textured and layered with paper, acrylic, mark-making, graphite, and gold leaf. As a dancer, I have performed around the world in festivals, theaters, and concerts. Coins, beads, and jewels from my dance costumes are often collaged into my mixed-media art. When traveling, I always seek ephemera and experiences to inspire my art, dance and sketchbooks. These often spill onto my canvas in the form of symbols, themes, papers, and colors from different cultures around the world. Hope you enjoy what you discover here. Thanks for visiting!

Upcoming art shows:
Art Will Save Us on Fri & Sat, March 10 & 11 at Cherry Cola Dog from noon-6pm (free) and party from 9pm-2am ($10). Creating community and connection through art.

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Flowers. Elephants. Hamsas. Minarets. Mystery. Dreams. Design. Layers. Texture.

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I Heart Japan

Last year, I spent some time in Japan and fell in love with the culture, art, and land. I kept an illustrated travel journalĀ and I also published travel guides seeking art and inspiration in Kyoto and Tokyo.


Dance has always been a huge part of my life. I am forever grateful that dance allows me to travel, meet new friends, and spread the joy of dance movement from large festival stages to performance supper clubs, from private weddings to public concerts and music videos. I have traveled the world as a dancer with Sabaya Bellydance Corporation, Govinda, and Thievery Corporation.

Also, I might have been Cleopatra in another life.